Artifact Exhibitions

Over the past 30 years we have assembled numerous world class collections of rare historic artifacts and relics. Many of these we have made available for lease to international museums and other venues. Below is information about a number of artifact exhibitions we currently have available. For artifact particulars, venue requirements, and fees, please proceed to the REACH OUT page and send us a message.

“WITCH HUNT: The Hexhibition” is a very rare and unique assemblage of artifacts that trace and illustrate the brutal witch hunts and witchcraft persecutions that swept across Europe from the 15th to the 17th centuries. Authentic relics include: rare circa 16th – 17th century documents detailing and illustrating the witch hunt mania - Instruments of restraint and torture used during arrest, imprisonment, and interrogation of suspected witches - 17th century clothing worn by both religious officials and imprisoned witches – A rare volume of the “Malleus Maleficarum”, (The Hammer of Witches), one of the most evil books ever written which directly led to the deaths of thousands of innocent souls, and more.

*NOTE: All hosting venues must provide display cabinets and supporting exhibit elements.
“VIKINGS: The Exhibition” is comprised of authentic 8TH – 10TH century Viking artifacts that represent all of the aspects of daily life as experienced by these legendary warriors. Indeed, the artifacts in this exhibit represent not only the Vikings at war, but the Vikings as the truly unique and diverse culture they actually were. Explorers, master mariners, farmers, fishermen, and traders, the Vikings reached many continents and had a lasting influence on numerous cultures. Culled from numerous locations such as the U.K., The Baltic Sea coastal lands, and even Russia and the Ukraine, the artifacts in this exhibition speak of a proud and often misunderstood people from the early Iron Age.

*NOTE: All hosting venues must provide display cabinets and supporting exhibit elements.
“PUNISHMENT: The Exhibition” offers visitors an up-close and personal, (and sometimes unsettling), look at how our perceptions of crime and punishment have evolved over the centuries. By means of numerous authentic instruments of restraint, torture, and even execution dating from the 17th century to the 20th century, we are forced to examine if we really have become more “civilized” with the passage of time or if in fact our means of dispensing cruel punishments have merely changed and become more modernized. Featured artifacts include: 19th century German execution axe, 17th century execution sword, 16th – 17th century instruments of torture and restraint, and early justice documents, legal manuscripts, and books.

*NOTE: All hosting venues must provide display cabinets and supporting exhibit elements.
“THE ART OF TORTURE: The Exhibition” is an eye opening art gallery style exhibition that presents numerous rare and archival framed 15th – 19th century historic documents and illustrations which depict man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. From early religious woodcuts intended to fill the populace with terror at the horrors which awaited man in the afterlife, to copperplate engravings showing judicial tortures and executions, THE ART OF TORTURE demonstrates the efforts of man to capture and illustrate himself at his own very worst. As a deterrent, statement, cautionary tale, or propaganda, man has always used art to illustrate his own sinister nature. THE ART OF TORTURE takes us inside the fevered minds of artists history has long forgotten with each driven to depict the disturbing through a singular, particular agenda.

*NOTE: All hosting venues must provide wall hanging space and supporting exhibit elements.