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Crucifixion Spike

- Authentic hand forged crucifixion spike from Romania.

Circa early 16th century.

Deep patina and surface rust.


Neck violin restraint

- Hardwood hand carved German "Neck Violin"
restraint/punishment device.

Exact age unknown.

In locked condition with hand forged iron padlock (No key).


Rare Dungeon Neck Collar

- 16th century hand forged neck collar, (padlock not present), used to fasten a prisoner to a dungeon cell wall.

Complete with original hand forged chain attached.


Torture Thumbscrews

- A set of hand forged iron torture thumbscrews from Germany.

At some later point a collector had them nickel plated. Perfect working order.


Small Torture Pliers

- Small hand held and hand forged Austrian torture pliers used to remove finger and toe nails.

Circa early 17th century.


Turkish Executioner's Mask

- Hand forged iron Turkish executioner's mask.

Exact age unknown.

Deep patina and surface rust.